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We need YOUR help!   FOPCP is run solely by volunteers, and there are so many ways you can help the homeless animals of Powell County.


You can become a Foster Parent!  

Fostering gives us the opportunity to prepare animals for their forever home. The fosters get much needed exercise and socialization, plus it allows us to learn about the animal's personality so we can match them with their new family.  


You can help at our Spay and Neuter Clinic!

During our clinics, we have volunteers that attend to all of the animals as they are in recovery.  Each animal gets specialized attention as they come out of anesthesia.  For some dogs, waking up can be VERY disorienting, but our volunteers are there to comfort them through this process.  


You can be a driver for our transports!

FOPCP networks with out-of-state rescues to get many of our homeless animals a better chance at getting adopted.   And we frequently organize transports to those rescues, and need drivers for those transports.   Anyone who loves roadtrips would be a great asset to our group!


You can help out at our fund-raising events!

Since we are a non-profit rescue, we rely on all of our funding from donations, fund-raising, and grants.  We always need help at our fund-raising events, and we welcome any fund-raising ideas.


You can volunteer at the animal shelter!

FOPCP offers support for our county-run animal shelter.   




​​Help make a difference and volunteer today!

Contact us, and let us know how you can help!    

Any help is appreciated!


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