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Click here to check out all of the "potential new best friends" available at the 

Powell County Animal Shelter and in FOPCP's Foster Care.


Featured Animals 

Meet  Coco!

Coco is a little bit of a special case due to his sheltered background. He is 4 yrs old and his size is a hearty 59 lbs. He came to us after his owner fell ill. His home was a single woman and he was inside kept with little socialization with other folks and pets. He did share the home with a cat. He was rarely allowed outdoors. However, while in our care he has learned a leash and enjoys the outdoors; seems to love it but, he will be very loyal to have a family near. He is loving & affectionate! His only issue now is getting a little nervous with new things but, he has come along so well!


Meet Aspen!

Aspen was previously making his home at a rural and pleasant country residence. However, other cats also found the setting to be desirable and the owner had to reluctantly surrender some of the cats. We find Aspen to be super pleasant once he adjusted to a new surrounding. He is easy going and good with other cats. He is a little shy but, is also loving and easily gains trust.

​Our Fundraisers are Life-Savers!

Our Kroger fundraiser has changed!  It's even easier than before, go to and create a username.  Once you've logged on, click community rewards and type in our group name or number 11921.  Now when you use your Plus Card or phone number, 4% of your purchase amount will be donated from Kroger (or Kroger affiliate)! 

Log on to, and specify “Friends of Powell County’s Pets” for your charitable donations.   Then click on the store when you want to shop at.  When you check out, iGive will be donate a portion of the sale to FOPCP. Plus, you get access to free shipping deals and exclusive coupons, on top of the great deals you'll find every day through our network of 800+ stores.

PALS Application Still Available!

We offer assistance to Powell County residents in financial need of spaying and neutering their pets.  If your household is low-income, you may qualify.  You can obtain an application for the PALS program at the Powell County Public Library and at the Powell County Animal Shelter.  


Trap-Spay/Neuter-Release (or Adopt!)

Right now, we have a special spay/neuter program for stray cats in the Powell County area.  By trapping, altering, and releasing stray cats, we are able to address the animal population in a humane and effective way.  For more information, contact the Powell County Animal Shelter at (606) 663-4998 or in person at 121 Echo Hollow Road in Clay City.     


Foster Parents Needed! 

As an animal rescue, we are always in need of foster parents.  This gives us an opportunity to learn about the pet, socialize it, and determine who the pet would be the right forever family.  Contact us for an application to become a foster parent today!

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